Wheelchair Lacrosse is a Hit With Some Hits!

Wheelchair lacrosse is the biggest thing to hit adaptive sports since Quad Rugby emerged in the late seventies. Players of all ages joined for the camp and got the basics, and then got busy checking! The game is played on an indoor court that is roughly the same size as a hockey rink, and to spectators it was just as exciting as the fast-paced ice game. Players strapped on pads, helmets, mouth guards, and gloves. And boy, they needed them. The gear is essentially the same as the more common version, but the addition of wheelchairs made this version really fly.
If you’re interested in the rules of wheelchair lacrosse and want to learn more, visit www.wheelchairlacrosse.com. If you are interested in being a part of a Richmond-based team, email us at info@unitedspinalva.org