Peer and Family Mentoring Program


Spinal Cord Injuries can profoundly alter the life of an individual in the blink of an eye. In Virginia alone, an estimated 200-250 individuals and families are thrust into a whirlwind of diagnoses, prognoses, choices in care, treatment, therapy, etc each year. The United Spinal Association has built a program out of proven models of Peer and Family Mentoring in order to provide newly injured individuals and their families with a certified mentor to help navigate the early challenges of SCI. We match mentors with peers based on age, gender, level of injury, and interests in the hopes that the newly injured individual will feel most comfortable asking anything/everything they may have questions about.


If you’re interested in speaking with a certified peer mentor, you may request one by clicking here.

If you need family support or would like to get more information about becoming a peer mentor, drop us a note at