Living With SCI

A spinal cord injury has a very sudden physical, emotional, and societal impact.  An estimated 400,000 individuals are living with SCI/D, 30 new each day. It is crucial to remember that it affects individuals, loved ones, caregivers, and peers.  While a new injury will lead to many questions and concerns about SCI and how it will impact your quality of life, it is crucial to remember that you are not alone and that you can continue to lead a happy and productive life.

You must become an active participant in your recovery in order to resume a full and satisfying life.  We offer countless resources for you to utilize to unlock the door to active living with spinal cord injury.  We can become a part of a network of healthcare professionals, family, friends, and peer-mentors that can provide essential emotional support during your recovery, rehabilitation, and moving forward with your life.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Peer-Mentor Program, as others who have experienced SCI are often your best resource for addressing questions, concerns, and offering advice for making the most of your life.image

If you can’t locate the information or resources you are seeking on-line, please email our office or contact us. Our staff and volunteers can respond to the specific and unique needs of each case, whether you are an individual, family member, or healthcare professional.  It is our belief that knowledge and understanding are essential tools that will empower those living with SCI/D to enjoy a healthy, productive life.

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