United Spinal of Va Hits the Beach

On August 13th, United Spinal Association of Virginia members descended on Virginia Beach to participate in the 8th Annual They Will Surf Again adaptive surfing event. The event was organized by Life Rolls On, a non-profit based out of California, founded by Jesse Billauer.

Over 100 surfers, of many disabilities, were joined by 300 volunteers. Each of the surfers has an incredible story to tell, and three of USAofVa’s members added momentous days as they entered the water for the first time since their injuries that resulted from water leisure. It was an emotional and joyous occasion for many.

USAofVa supplemented Life Rolls On’s event by greeting SCI’s at their tent, providing power beach chairs for folks to test drive in the sand (thanks to James Howard), and by hosting a lunch in a hospitality suite that provided some reprieve from the soaring temperatures outside.

The weekend was a wonderful occasion for fellowship and fun for many members and their families.

Keep an eye out for details on They Will Surf Again 2017 presented by Life Rolls On!