We sincerely hope this message finds you healthy, happy, and safe! These are definitely trying times for everyone as the most effective defense of COVID-19 continues to be self-isolation from friends and the public in general.  Understanding that these guidelines will be implemented for an indefinite period  of time, and the reality that these policies disproportionately effect individuals in our community, we are working hard to alleviate some of the unique stresses placed on individuals with SCI/D and their families.

This morning, Sportable and USAofVa are announcing that we have joined forces to offer you assistance in the form of an Emergency COVID-19 Relief Program.  We will be sourcing products in high demand (hand sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant wipes, etc.), groceries, medical supplies, and any necessary items that would otherwise require you to break self-isolation to obtain.  Employees and dedicated volunteers will be doingcontact free deliveries.

We are extremely grateful to the Craig H. Nielsen Foundation for affording us the opportunity to further assist our community in adhering to best self-isolation practices and alleviate some of the financial strain this pandemic is causing.

Individuals with SCI should visit Sportable.org where they will find more information about this program, including an online survey that will serve as an application. Requests will be fulfilled on a highest-need basis. For more information about the Emergency Support Program, please contact Wendy Bondeson at wendy@sportable.org, or call 804-340-2991.

The SCI/D community is the most resilient and adaptive group of people society has seen. We will get through this together. As always, we are stronger united.