First Peer Mentor Training Sessions are in the Books

This weekend marked a monumental step in United Spinal Association of Virginia’s marquee program, Peer and Family Mentoring.

Participants included 20 peer and family mentor candidates, from across the state, with the max for each of the one day sessions being 10. Many additional community partners were represented, as well, in order to gain knowledge of the comprehensive mentoring USAofVa mentors will be able to offer their clients.

The class was conducted by Lindsey Elliot MSW, of the United Spinal Association’s national office. Participants were given a myriad of tools to help them be the most effective and professional mentors they can be.

With an estimated 250 individuals sustaining SCI’s each year, in Virginia, the Peer Mentoring program will be key to helping those new injuries navigate their rehabilitation and healing.

USAofVa would like to extend a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to those who volunteered their time and engaged in very productive learning sessions, and committed themselves to further serving future SCI’s in their communities!

If you would like to get information about becoming a mentor by joining an upcoming training session, or know someone who could benefit from a peer mentor relationship, please click here!

Peer Mentoring #2